Binocolo Solare LUNT Mini SUNoculars 6x30

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Ingrandimento: 6x. Diametro lente obiettivo: 30 mm
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LUNT Mini SUNoculars 6x30 are small binoculars for solar observing in White-Light. This truly pocket sized binoculars with 6x magnification are only for solar observing. You can view and safely study large Sun-spots, Venus transits, and solar eclipses. The image of the Sun shows orange color.

Lunt Mini SUNoculars have inside the binoculars installed White-Light filter film. This makes solar observation 100% safe. The light of the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 0.00001% transmission and all ultra-violet and infrared components are completely and safely blocked.

Lunt SUNoculars are manufactured to the same standards of safety typical to the entire family of LUNT Solar products – the premier manufacturer of Solar telescopes and filters.


  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective lens diameter: 30mm
  • Eye relief: 9mm
  • Transmission: 0.00001% (OD5)
  • Filter type: solar film, CE certified

The kit includes:

  • Mini SUNoculars in blister pack
  • Strap
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