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Bussola Levenhuk LabZZ CM2

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Bussola classica con foro di osservazione
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Lifetime Warranty
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Levenhuk LabZZ CM2 Compass is a reliable tool for orienting on a map. A kid will learn to determine the cardinals and correct destination with help of this amazing device. Whether in the city or countryside, a young traveler will always find the way, and will be ready to easily handle professional navigation tools in the future.

The dial has two scales: degrees and mils*. The cardinal points are easy to see, and a big arrow points to the north. A sighting slot with a magnifying lens will help you find the direction. A thumb loop is located at the bottom of the shell – so you will be able to hold the compass firmly during observations.

The shell, lid and cover glass are made of plastic.

* a mil – a thousandth of an inch, or about 25.4μm

Dial scalemils/degrees