Bresser Messier Maksutov 100/1400 EQ3 Telescope

ID prodotto: 71116
Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Objective lens diameter: 100mm. Focal length: 1400mm
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Bresser Messier Maksutov 100/1400 EQ3 Telescope with compact, long focal length Maksutov optics is perfect for lunar and planetary observations: it has no colour aberration. You will be able to gaze upon compact, shining objects such as planetary nebulae or globular clusters even if you observe in a light-polluted city.

Bresser Messier Maksutov 100/1400 EQ3 Telescope comes with equatorial mounting (also known as parallactic mounting). It compensates for earth rotation and provides precise tracking of the celestial object observed.


  • High-quality telescope with a long focal length
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain design
  • Magnification with included accessories: 54x
  • Mirror diameter: 100mm / focal length: 1400mm
  • Equatorial EQ-3 mount
  • Long focal length
  • No chromatic aberration
  • Comprehensive kit

The kit includes:

  • Telescope
  • EQ mount
  • Tripod
  • LED finderscope
  • Eyepieces (31.7mm): PL26mm
  • Diagonal mirror
  • Smartphone camera adapter
  • User guide

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